Reducing Youth Unemployment in East Africa


Use technology as a tool to reduce youth unemployment in Uganda and East Africa.


Achieve the record lowest poverty levels in Uganda and the East African region.


Our annual goal is to reach thousands of youths in East Africa and assist them with job readiness and connection tools.

Our story

Ablestate was founded in 2018 to fight youth unemployment and end poverty in Uganda. The founders knew that Uganda has one of the biggest youth populations globally. It is also true that a large number of them are not involved in employment or education. This puts the lives of many in danger. And on top of that, it affects the country’s economic goals and progress, as well as the UN SDGs.

When the youth resort to measures like drug abuse, underage marriage, sexual abuse, robbery, and alcohol abuse, to mention but a few, it undermines the efforts of the Government of Uganda and partners towards promoting the growing and sustainable nation.

The numerous reasons behind these large numbers of youth who are not involved in employment. Our primary focus is on a lack of digital skills, which has created a shortage of talent in the country and region of East Africa.

Digital skills are in high demand globally but there is shortage of talent. To address this, Ablestate was formed and started by training in foundational digital skills, coding and fullstack web development.

Ablestate tried some businesses models, before it was decided that hybrid business model would be ideal to sustain the social enterprise. It’s also been evolving and pivoting to refine it’s offering to gain a good market share and achieve it’s desired impact.

Ablestate’s Objectives:

  • Provide affordable tools and resources for youth to learn and develop digital skills.
  • Develop and promote digital tools that promote youth skills and assist in job connections.
  • Develop and promote tools that promote local talent.
  • Offer assistance to the youths of Uganda and East Africa in finding employment opportunities.
  • Form strategic partnerships with different stakeholders, like authorities and organizations, to form a strong force in order to achieve our mission.

To date, Ablestate has trained over 200 youth in different digital skills, offered internships to some, and provided job connection assistance. More than 50 micro and small businesses decided to use Ablestate’s services to ensure their success.

Vetted Talent

Save time and money by hiring from a pool of ready and pre-vetted candidates.

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