Your contribution opens a door for a youth in Uganda.

According to the Google Developer survey conducted in 2020, Uganda, in the 9th position in Africa, was said to have only 11K developers. More than half of this statistic was considered to have junior competence.

This was further justified by UNESCO’s report in 2021, which indicated that 76% of recruiters find it difficult to hire the desired talent in Africa.

The scarcity of tech talent in Africa is largely a result of the fact that traditional education produces more theoretical candidates than practically qualified candidates.

Based on these facts and our experience as a social enterprise that has been attempting to address youth unemployment in Uganda for slightly over half a decade, we are considering putting our primary focus on empowering youths with work-based skills through internship opportunities.

You can be of great impact

By contributing, you’re not just donating; you’re helping a changemaker land their first work opportunity.

Your contribution will be allocated to monthly stipends, work tools, and guidance. 

What impact can you expect to create?

$500 = 2 Youths/m

$1000 = 4 Youths/m

$1500 = 6 Youths/m

$3500 = 15 Youths/m

Every $1 is allocated to the candidate of your otherwise we shall communicate with you